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An Easy Online Ordering Solution

Creating a Positive Experience for Business Owners

Online ordering is part of restaurants and retailer's new normal, and it will remain an essential component for all their business plans. As both industries change regularly, your customer's businesses will need a simple, easy-to-use solution to support their business, staff, and customers.

Secure Payment Solutions has a new, standalone product to support your customer's retail business or restaurant. Managed through a web-based dashboard, your customers can easily access information and reports stored in one central space.

Your customer's restaurant also has the option to purchase a kitchen printer to have online orders print to the kitchen automatically rather than relying on dashboard management. This experience not only minimizes time, but it also increases productivity for your staff.

Take Control of Business Operations

Simple Solution:

• Incorporate Cash Discounts

• Quick Report Access

• Link From Your Website

Generate More Sales:

• Unlimited Orders

• Fast & Simple Checkout

• Improved Table Turn Times


• Contactless Order & Pay

• Order Using QR Code

• Mobile Pay Compatible

Contactless Order & Pay Integration

Contactless ordering and payment capabilities are crucial for your customer's businesses, especially in the restaurant industry. Guests should have the ability to order and pay at the table with their mobile device's convenience to ensure safety and sanitation. A restaurant's guest can scan a QR code and input their table number to create and pay for their order.

Our team has worked with customers who own restaurants, so we understand the process of streamlining your business operations. We will create the QR Code for your online ordering website and provide it as part of the setup process. Your customer's restaurant can add the unique QR Code to table tents, menus, stickers, and more.

Having an easy online ordering solution not only minimizes customer order mistakes; it also reduces back and forth between staff and guests, like waiting for their server to handle the check. Your customer's teams won't waste time closing bills; rather, their focus will be on creating a customer-focused space.

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