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Rates Too High? Hidden Fees? Do you feel you may be paying too much for credit card processing? Do you understand your monthly statement? Do you know how to identify your hidden costs and fees?


At no cost or obligation, Secure Payment Solutions will provide your business with a processing statement analysis:

  • We will analyze your business and its transaction volume/characteristics.
  • We will review your current credit card processing statements, rates, and fees.
  • We will assess your current equipment and processing set-up.
  • We will provide you with a detailed outline of the cost savings and service recommendations that can improve your efficiency and increase your profitability.
  • Why not let one of our payment professionals take a look at your statement and see what you might be missing?

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    Question and Answer

    Question: I’m a new business, can you help me?

    Answer: Absolutely. We’ll talk with you about your business, explain the process of taking cards, and we’ll even educate you a little bit on some of the things out there to look out for from some of our competitors.

    Question: What will my rate be?

    Answer: It’s impossible to tell you until we know more about your account. Anyone that tells you otherwise is simply trying to get you to call by throwing out a rate that they rarely give anyone.

    Question: I got something in the mail that offers me “X”%, can I get that?

    Answer: All payment providers have the ability to price at any rate that is profitable. At SPS, we provide fair rates to our customers with no tricks or gimmicks. If an offer seems to good to be true (such as “0” %), you should assume there is a catch. The important thing is that we’ll talk to you, explain what the “offer” you received from the other company is all about and show you how to get a “real rate” that is honestly what you truly deserve. And we will explain all the details to you.

    Question: I’ve had other people look at my statement and they didn’t help me, how can you?

    Answer: We don’t necessarily guarantee that we can. Unfortunately, in our industry, a lot of people are out there offering payment processing services with very little training. This means they may not be able to correctly analyze your statement. At SPS, we have analyzed thousands of statements, if there is a catch, we’ll find it for you. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose, why not let us see if we can help you?

    Question: Do you offer a Free Cash Discount Program?

    Answer: Yes we do. Learn more about our Free Cash Discount Program by clicking the following link: Free Cash Discount Program